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Orlushy Large discharge sale 24V DC Aquarium Water Pump Ultra-Quiet 2021 autumn and winter new Return with

Orlushy 24V DC Aquarium Water Pump Ultra-Quiet Return Pump with


Orlushy 24V DC Aquarium Water Pump Ultra-Quiet Return Pump with

Product description


Fish tank cannot without filter, and the filter cannot without water pump-the heart of the fish tank. Orlushy DC water pump drives the whole water cycle of your fish tank, and the generated water flow makes your pet fish reach the best conditionFeature

  • High efficiency and low voltage 24V
  • Equipped with controllable 3 operation modes and 20 different flow
  • Adopts sine wave technology, running super quietly
  • Advanced four-pole inverter motor contributes to small size
  • Apply wear-resistant ceramic shaft, suitable for fresh or salt water
  • Can be submersible or external(inline) use
  • Automatic power-off, preventing the occurrence of faults caused by low water level
  • Energy saving up to 65%
  • Three operation mode settings
    Constant Flow Mode:
    When the dc Pump is on,the LCD screen on the controller will enter into the constant flow mode and display between “101” an “120”. To increase or decrease the speed of the pump by pressing “+”or “ - ”until you reach the required level (maximum flow will be displayed on the LCD screen as 120)
    Wave Mode:
    The number between “201” and “220” will be displayed on the screen in this wave mode, you can press the "+" and "-" buttons to adjust wave bands. You can get the fastest wave band as the number 201 is displayed. And you can get the maximum wave band when it is 220.
    Feed Mode:
    Press “ fish ” to pause pump operation for 10 minutes to feed your fish. When you enter this mode, the number displayed on the screen starts at “F10” and counts down in minute to F9, F8 and so on until it displays F00. If you wish to restart the pump before the end of the 10 minute pause, press“fish”again and the pump will restart.

    Orlushy 24V DC Aquarium Water Pump Ultra-Quiet Return Pump with

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