$7 Xtenzi Aftermarket Replacement Harness Compatible with Kenwood K Electronics Car Vehicle Electronics Aftermarket,Xtenzi,Harness,K,$7,/fibrocaseose1976716.html,Compatible,Replacement,Kenwood,Electronics , Car Vehicle Electronics,with,sis.pppkpetra.or.id Aftermarket,Xtenzi,Harness,K,$7,/fibrocaseose1976716.html,Compatible,Replacement,Kenwood,Electronics , Car Vehicle Electronics,with,sis.pppkpetra.or.id $7 Xtenzi Aftermarket Replacement Harness Compatible with Kenwood K Electronics Car Vehicle Electronics New color Xtenzi Aftermarket Replacement Harness Kenwood K with Compatible New color Xtenzi Aftermarket Replacement Harness Kenwood K with Compatible

New color Xtenzi Aftermarket Replacement safety Harness Kenwood K with Compatible

Xtenzi Aftermarket Replacement Harness Compatible with Kenwood K


Xtenzi Aftermarket Replacement Harness Compatible with Kenwood K

Product description

This Xtenzi wire harness is compatible with select Kenwood stereo video navigation. Xtenzi replacement wire harnesses are customs designed to plug into the rear of the aftermarket radio

Compatible Models :


Physical Features and wire Functions:

Xtenzi Male Power Plug Harness is 6 inch Long. The wires meet EIA industry-standard colors representing the function for each wire making it easy for allocation and application.

Four sets of speaker outputs, Three Power Wires(12v-ignition/Accessory,12V-memory/battery, and-negative ground),Also Auxiliary Function wires as Antenna Power, Vehicle illumination, amp remote and phone mute. Some wire function may be different Please read carefully your Radio install guide or ask an installer. Please see the diagram before you purchase if that seems to look like your radio fitting if not simply ask the compatibility.


Important Note: Above mention Accessory/Product is a Xtenzi Brand replacement accessory to help consumer find the correct Part all brand names listed are compatible with the referenced product or technology only."

Xtenzi Aftermarket Replacement Harness Compatible with Kenwood K


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Body found in parking lot of Mystic marina

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La Grua Center director resigns

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