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Max 87% online shop OFF B.M.B.L Natural Fleece Dog Tug Toy of War T Stretchy Soft

B.M.B.L Natural Fleece Dog Tug Toy, Soft Stretchy Tug of War T


B.M.B.L Natural Fleece Dog Tug Toy, Soft Stretchy Tug of War T

Product description

Style:Set of 4

B.M.B.L better me better life is a young brand, dedicated to providing the best cost-effective products with new styles, new designs, and new functions. Our brand tenet is to become a better self and create a better life.

Package Included
4 Set Fleece Dog Tug Toys

(Hand-braided with slight error in length)
1 pc Thick XXXX Large tug (50-52 inches,1 inch in diameter)
1 pc Thick Small tug (18-20 inches,1 inch in diameter)
1 pc Ring shape tug (12 inches,1.5 inches in diameter)
1 pc Corn shape tug (12inches,1.5 inches in diameter)

Recommend Reason
‘These fleece tug toys are so much better than the rope toys you can get at a regular pet store. They’re soft, stretchy, and my dog loves them!’
‘Perfect for all sizes of dogs! We have pups from 10 pounds to 80 pounds that love these.’
‘I bought it in other website and it’s almost $50 for 4packs as it is. The longest rope is only half this one. Super cost-effective!’
‘Love these fleece ropes! They’re very sturdy and hold up to tug of war and also are great for indoor toys since they don’t damage anything if you throw them in the house. Definitely recommend them!’
‘I like that they are fleece and not strings, so if a piece happens to get ingested it should pass instead of possibly wrapping around the intestines as string might.’
‘I used to buy those rope toys. After biting, there will be a lot of wool, which is difficult to clean. But this one, even if it is broken, there will be no obvious lint.’

Warm tips
Machine wash amp; dry.
It might be squeezed during the packaging process, and can be restored to its original shape after a little sorting.

B.M.B.L Natural Fleece Dog Tug Toy, Soft Stretchy Tug of War T

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