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Serra Le Italiane Italian Natural Brand Some reservation new Hard Candy Filled F With Mint

Serra Le Italiane, Italian Natural Hard Candy Filled With Mint F


Serra Le Italiane, Italian Natural Hard Candy Filled With Mint F

Product description

Real, simple ingredients, Gluten free with no animal gelatin. No colors added, and made with only natural flavors. Manufactured in Italy.

From the manufacturer

red orange candy

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For this Italian blood orange candy, we only use high-quality ingredients, all sourced in Italy. A delicate, tasty candy filled with the juice and essential oil of the prized Sicilian blood orange PGI. No colorings. No flavorings. The best of Italy’s produce. The best of Italy’s produce. The best candies are made from the best sugar. This is why Serra Dolciaria only uses the 100% Italian sugar by Italia Zuccheri to heighten the taste of our ingredients from Italy. The mother juice of beetroot grown only in Italy is treated with pressure and temperature to preserve the substances intact and thus obtain an unrefined whole sugar.

red orange candy

Red Orange Candy

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Soft Toffee Candy

Serra Le Italiane, Italian Natural Hard Candy Filled With Mint F

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