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The Unbounded Universe

               n 6 February 2019, our team,   scoring system is a bit more complex   played this kind of game, we were quite
               consists of Dickson Y. Lee from   and we had much more things to do.   confident that we will advance to the
        OXI IPA-3, Justin Orlean from XI    The objective is also to get the highest   final round, and we did along with other
         IPA 3, and Matthew Arden form XI IPA   amount of money as possible. Even   five teams that will also advance to the
         7, represented Petra 2 Senior High   though we didn’t get any bonus money   final round. After this round, they gave
         School to join a business competition   from the first, we were able to get   us preparation time and mentoring for
         held by Petra Christian University; The   enough amount of money to advance   the final round. We were going to make
         IBM Business Competition: Unbounded   to the next round on the second day.   a business plan and present it in front of
         Universe. The Competition was held   For the next round there were twelve   the judges and the committee. We really
         from 6 February until 9 February. There   participants that had advanced from the   didn’t know what to do at first, but with
         were around 80 teams participating   previous round. On this round called   the mentor assistance, we managed
         in that                                                                                to come up with
         competition.                                                                           a quite good idea
         We joined this                                                                         for our business
         competition                                                                            plan. We prepared
         because we                                                                             and made the
         wanted to have                                                                         presentation all day
         the experience                                                                         and managed to
         in the business                                                                        finish it at midnight.
         world, and also                                                                           And the time
         compete with                                                                           came for us to
         other teams for                                                                        present our
         the scholarship                                                                        business plan.
         and prize money                                                                        We were quite
         they offered for                                                                       confident because
         the winner.                                                                            our plan is very
           On the first                                                                         creative and
         day, they had                                                                          original. But when
         their signature                                                                        we heard the judge
         rally game; the                                                                        was going to be
         cognitive game.                                                                        the owner of De
         It’s a computer                                                                        Mandailing, we felt
         based rally game about managing    the prodigy game, our teams were    really nervous because our business was
         financial. The objective of this game   separated and we played three different   about making a cafe. But it turned out
         is we have to get the most amount of   games in a separate room. Most of the   he really liked our idea and also pointed
         money along with getting the highest   game consist of mind games like tricking   out the flaws in it. After presentation,
         life points. There are going to be only 24   other teams or even teaming up with   we still cannot feel relaxed because it
         teams with the highest point that will   them. We felt really anxious after playing  was the winner announcement after it.
         go to the next round. At this stage, we   this round because we actually didn’t   We felt really anxious because the other
         actually had some problem early in the   know how well we had done because we  teams’ presentation were also very
         game, but we managed to solve it and   were separated. But we felt really happy   good. We almost lost hope when they
         we managed to get a quite large amount   when our team name were announced   didn’t call our team name for the third
         of money to be able to advance to the   as the one out of seven participants to   and second winner. But... we were very
         next round.                        participate in the next round.      happy and surprised when our team
           We had a big rally game on the      For the third day, we were quite   name were called for the first place
         second day. It consists of two parts.   surprised because there were actually   winner!
         The first part is the mini rally. We were   eight participants that joined this round.   We really enjoyed joining this
         going around the city with car that were   They actually had a separate game for   competition, and we would like to thank
         driven by the guardian chosen by the   the bottom twelve from the second   our mentor for helping us making our
         competition committee for our team.   day, and they picked one team out of   business plan. We also want to thank
         We compete with other teams to get   them as the wildcard team. On this   God for his blessings so we can win this
         points for the next stage by playing rally   day, we had the octagon game. It’s a   competition. We experienced many
         games in places like parks in the city. We   computer based resource management   good things in this competition and
         felt really bad after this round because   game. The objective of this game is   also we learned many stuffs about the
         we actually did not win any game in   quite different from the other games   business world and public speaking. We
         the first part. On the second part, we   we had. In this game, we had to get the   felt that this competition gave us a lot
         had the mega rally. It was almost the   highest amount of resource production   of benefit, including the experiences,
         same as the cognitive game, but the   per second. Because we had actually   prizes, and scholarships.
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