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English in Education 4.0:

        A Challenge Or An Opportunity?

        Eko Jatmiko, S.S.
        Staf Litbang PPPK Petra

             he fourth industrial revolution   students of today will be adapted to
             which is the new milestone of     project based learning and working.
        Tthe development of civilization       This means that they have to learn how
        has arrived. It is driven by the usage of   to apply their skills in shorter terms to a
        the intelligent production incorporated   variety of situations.
        with internet of things (IoT), cloud
        technology and big data,  and it really   5. Field experience.
        brings a new digital era in which      Curriculum will emphasize more
        internet applications extend to all fields   on skills that solely require human   give learners adequate supports to   understanding in listening is not
        of our life. It really occupies a significant   knowledge and face-to-face interaction   develop the skills required for success in   that simple. Teachers must be able
        place in human life equal to his shadow.   because technology can facilitate   today’s technology-driven society, and   to prepare students to actively
        This makes people around the world     more efficiency in certain domains.     consequently, lack of exposure to online   listen, avoid distraction and engage
        connect on the basis peer-to-peer. It   Thus, experience in ‘the field’ will be   resources will be considered as a crucial   in conversations around what they
        then results in the fact that new ideas,   emphasized to create more room for   issue. Digital resources can support   just listened to. Some things to do
        new concepts and new meanings can      students to fulfill internships, mentoring   learners to develop verbal interaction   before students engage in purposeful
        be grasped more rapidly.               projects and collaboration projects.    skills, increase their vocabulary, and    listening are: telling the students
                                                                                       improve their reading comprehension    what to attend, teaching the students
                                                                                       and encourage collaboration.           what and when to respond. But there
        Education 4.0 arrives and promotes the   6. Data interpretation.
        idea of innovation-producing education   Though computers will soon take       The process of teaching and learning   are also some principles to keep in
        and  tries to meet the requirements the   care of every statistical analysis, and   English, then can be done through   promoting a good listening teaching
        students need to survive in the era of   describe and analyze data and predict   21  Century Learning Curriculum      and learning activities which are:
        cyber physical system. It unavoidable   future trends, human interpretation    which blends information, media, ICT   asking the students to give questions
        to use information, internet, and      of these data will still become a much   literacy, thinking and innovation skills.   that promote discovery and insight.,
        technology to support the teaching     more important part of the future       With all these new trends, the roles of   creating a two-way dialogue which
        and learning process which help the    curriculum.                             today’s teachers are also evolving and   enables a constructive communication
        students to be autonomous learners.                                            their responsibilities have also been   to understanding what they listen
        There are nine basic principles of     7. Exams will change completely.        increasing. There are some points to   to, creating a safe environment with
        Education 4.0, namely:                 Exams which are now designed in         ponder in teaching English skills  which   interaction that builds self-esteem,
                                               such a way that students cram their     are:                                   creating a co-operative conversation in
        1. Diverse time and place.             materials, and forget the next day will                                        which feedback flows in both directions,
        This principle enables students to have   be no more relevant since they do not   1. Teaching Speaking.               and making suggestion skillfully with
        more opportunities to learn at different   validly measure what students should   Teaching speaking is not a simple   open alternatives. Teachers must
        times in different places. Free accessed   be capable of when they enter their first   process since it is not merely a process   remember that a good listener is not a
        and available digital learning tools can   job. The application of their knowledge   to make  students speak. It needs a   sponge that absorbs but a trampoline
        facilitate opportunities for remote and   is best tested when they work on     good preparation to make students not   to bounce ideas off.
        self-paced learning. Classrooms can be   projects in the field.                only speak up but also be autonomous
        done in the form of flipped classroom,                                         learners. Since the use of teaching    4. Teaching writing
        in which the theoretical part of the   8. Student ownership.                   approaches affects the students’       Writing has become a part of our daily
        lesson can be learned outside the      Maintaining a curriculum that is        speaking skills, it needs to show a great   life, and nowadays even people can
        classroom, whereas the practical part of   contemporary, up-to-date and useful is   understanding of spoken interaction.   write every where and anytime at
        the lesson will be taught face to face or   only realistic when professionals as well   It means that the approach should   least they write on Twitter, Instagram,
        interactively.                         as ‘youngsters’ are involved. Critical   provide a chance for the students to   Facebook, and some other social
                                               input from students on the content and   participate actively in the kinds of   media they have. There are three big
        2. Personalized learning.              durability of their courses is a must.   genres of spoken interaction.         challenges teachers are facing which
        In the teaching and learning process,                                                                                 are developing new models of writing,
        the study tools will be adapted to the   9. Mentoring will become more         2. Teaching Reading  st                designing a new curriculum supporting
        capabilities of the students. It makes   important.                            Teaching reading in 21  Century        those models, and creating models for
        above average students be challenged   Since students incorporate so much      classroom should encourage students    teaching that curriculum. These three
        with harder tasks and questions when   independence into their learning        to grasp the aesthetic aspect of the   things are expected to bridge the gap
        a certain level is achieved by them. And   process, mentoring will become      reading text and to give added value   between the students and the writing
        for students who experience difficulties   fundamental to student success in the   based on the moral drawn from the   skill they should have to face Industry
        with a subject will get the opportunity   future. Teachers will become a central   text. Learning reading should be   4.0.
        to practice more until they reach the   point in the jungle of information which   viewed as a process in which learners                    st
        required level.                        the students will be paving their way   can understand the meaning beyond      So English learners in 21  Century
                                               through.                                the text, not just a product in which   classroom: “In her classroom our
        3. Free choice.                                                                learners can only do a question        speculations ranged the world. She
        It is similar to the personalized learning   It is obvious that Education 4.0 currently   and answer activity. Teacher should   breathed curiousity into us so that
        experience. Here students will be      becomes a new paradigm in education     encourage learners to create more      each day we came with new questions,
        able to modify their learning process   which  is needed by society in the     questions to understand the text. If the   new ideas, cupped and shielded in our
        with tools they feel comfortable and   innovative era. This new paradigm       conventional reading activity focuses   hands like captured fireflies. When
        necessary. Students can learn with     is then broadly promoted in many        on the speed in understanding the text,   she left us, we were sad; but the light
        different devices, different programs   subjects at schools, including English   21  Century reading activity focus more   did not go out. She had written her
        and techniques based on what they      which is then called Digital English. It   on learners’ reflection after reading.   indelible signature on our minds. I
        prefer. Although every subject aims for   cannot be denied that in many English   This reflection, in turn, encourages   have had lots of teachers who taught
        the same destination, the road leading   classrooms today, learners are still   learners not only to get the information   me soon forgotten things; but only a
        towards that destination can vary per   frequently exposed only by traditional   from the text but also make the      few who created in me a new energy,
        student.                               teaching methods and instructional      interpretation about it.               a new direction. I suppose I am the
                                               materials, such as language course                                             unwritten munuscript of such a person.
        4. Project based.                      books, without opportunity to engage    3. Teaching Listening                  What deathless power lies in the hands
        As freelance economy will dominate     with digital learning tools. The        Understanding is the main goal         of such a teacher. (John Steinbeck,
        the trend of the career in the future,   traditional teaching methods cannot   of listening. But to have a good       recalling his favorite teacher).

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